The Creative's Meet Up


Let's Meet Up Every other Month

Wondering what Bellafricana is all about?

At Bellafricana, we empower, support and connect quality, talented creative Indigenous businesses to their local and global consumers. We are the family a creative business needs. Every other month, we organise meet up events for members to network, share and connect with other creatives.

So, how cool are you as a creative?

Proverbs Creations Bellafricana member

So cool

I am the most outspoken, asking and answering questions. I love to connect and meet new people. I am a people's person and the coolest kid in the block ☺.

The Hugger

I am that person you will never forget after the meet up. I will hug everyone I meet with a big smile. No wonder this is one of my super powers and use it to close deals ☺

smiler at bellafricana meet up for creatives

The Smiler

I make everyone around me comfortable with my beautiful smile. Talk about relax, smile and network, that's the feeling you get around me. Trust me, when most of the people in the room are smiling, it lights up the event. I am the smiler☺.

The Reserved

I might not talk much at the meet up, but I listen the most. I take in information like a sponge, so don't confuse my straight face as being unfriendly, I am just taking it all in. I am the reserved 😐

The reserved at Bellafricana meet up
“Networking is not about just connecting people. It’s about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities.”

What is the plan for this month?

Book Reading

The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone or

Sell or be sold by Grant Cardone

Relax & Dine

Just chill over a nice bite with amazing creatives 


Your network is truly your net worth. You will be in great company of tenacious like minds

Who is coming?

Depends! How committed are you? You will be meeting other amazing, talented and creative indigenous business owners. Here are a few below. The question is, are you coming?

Oketunji Tosin, founder Okett studio

Tosin Oketunji

Founder, Okett Studio

Bayo Ademiluyi, founder TY Tys design

Bayo Ademiluyi

Founder, Ty Tys Design

Tosin Lawson, founder African things

Tosin Lawson

Founder, African Things

Location, Time & Fees

Location - The Kofe Club

Shop 11 Trocadero Square, The Rock Dr, Lekki Phase I, Lagos

Time - 12:30pm

Entry is FREE for Bellafricana members

Lunch is ₦3,000

Entry &  Lunch is ₦8,000 for non-members

See You in a Bit...

Counting Down 



Kindly respond by March 17 , 2020


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