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Hello bella reader, I am Bukky Asehinde (nee Bello), the founder of Bellafricana.
Bukky Bello founder of bellafricana
I will like to introduce the Bellafricana Online and Offline Community to you.
Bellafricana is an online platform that bridges the gap, promotes and connects producers of quality Afrocentric products to customers both in the diaspora that want to connect to home and customers in the local that are dissatisfied and looking for quality products with a goal to make creative Afrocentric products globally accessible.
Beyond the online platform, Bellafricana aims to proffer solutions targeted towards reducing the challenges Afrocentric brands undergo.
We are also working hard to bring the quality creative Afrocentric brands to the forefront of the market.
You can join the online community here: and the offline community by emailing [email protected]

Wondering what benefits you get joining the Bellafricana offline community? Here are 5 reasons;

1. Learn from other’s mistakes: Hearing what is going on with other people’s businesses enables you to really understand the real issues of what is happening in their business. This may serve as a guideline on what to avoid in your business and the opportunity of being able to use their tricks for some great success tactics in your own business.
2. Exchange tips of business: For any entrepreneur, intrapreneur or aspiring entrepreneur, just starting out is so exciting, but this time of ideas and beginnings can also be confusing. Having other people that have had some experience be there to give you tips and secrets that you can use helps tremendously. You will be able to start off smoothly and keep growing strong during tough times.
3. Pass on knowledge: One of the biggest functions of the bella community of entrepreneurs is to pass on the knowledge that has been gathered from experienced entrepreneurs to the upcoming entrepreneurs. This is also a great place where you can find a mentor, and/or become a mentor for someone else. You meet a group of trusted entrepreneurs which grows to become a valuable business partnership and establish yourself with each other as a safe place to gather advice when you have a challenging decision to make.
4. Make valuable and new connections: Meet with like-minded creative minds. Networking is a skill that is essential in business and in your personal life. If you don’t know how to do this naturally, learn about it. Making these connections within the bella community is the greatest reason the community is here.
5. Learn new business skills: You get to learn new business skills together with real-life entrepreneurs and professionals.
Join the bellafricana community today and learn from proven African experienced entrepreneurs. Come, connect and network with aspiring, upcoming and experienced entrepreneurs.
Get ready to swap ideas, business cards, resources, shortcuts, strategies, traditional/digital marketing tools & tactics, put our business online, meet other key professionals and get valuable introductions to various thought leaders.
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