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Why Bellafricana?

We noticed a vast increase in the number of unique products made in Nigeria (Africa) but noticed a huge gap between local creative entrepreneurs and their local and global consumers. Hence, we created this platform to bridge that gap. What better way than through online, which gives it a global opportunity.

We have been in this for over 2 years now, and this is our fourth website upgrade just to give you a better experience when searching for Quality Indigenous businesses to support and trade with. So trust us when we say, we are here to stay.

What do you mean by “Afrocentric” or “Indigenous”?

Basically means locally made in Africa. Do you make your products with good quality in Nigeria (Africa)? Do you use raw materials found in Africa? Is your product hand made in Nigeria (Africa)? Do you recycle to make unique products? Are you a creator or an inventor? Is your business proudly Nigerian or African?

How is Bellafricana different from other online platforms?

We only list businesses that are Indigenous (not imported). We are passionate about empowering and growing upcoming businesses (products and services) that are adding directly to the growth of the economy.

We celebrate your craft, talent, creativity and innovation and keep working towards showcasing your work to a local and International target market.

How much does it cost to list?

There are currently various membership package to get listed, but you have to get verified by Bellafricana.

Here is what we do to get you verified on Bellafricana;

  1. You have to be a registered business or company in Nigeria. We will need a photocopy scanned to us.
  2. If in Lagos we will arrange to visit your office address to ensure that you are an existing business. If you are outside Lagos, we will arrange for you to get a second party to check you are existing.
  3. Bellafricana presently operates from Lagos, so if your business is based in Lagos, we will also request to see your products to attest to the quality of your product.If you are based outside Lagos, you will need to post some samples of your product for us to do a proper quality check.

Benefits of getting Bellafricana verified;

  1. More visibility
  2. Build credibility
  3. Bigger voice
  4. Access to discounts and offers (Exhibitions)
  5. Networking opportunities
  6. These all leads to growth
  7. Logistics support with our partners DHL.

The verification fee is included in your membership fee.

click to get started.

Are there any extra charges on Bellafricana?

There are no hidden charges, however there are some upsells that will benefit your business.

Can anyone list on Bellafricana?

No. We will only list your product if you pass the criteria. Your product or service has to be Indigenous and of good quality. If your product doesn’t pass our criteria, we offer solutions and referrals on how to get your products to standard.

Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely. Although we are certain you wouldn’t want to cancel. However, if you need to cancel for whatever reason, just let us know.

What marketing tools are included?

Marketing tools are integrated on bellafricana such as sumome to help you share on social media. You get regular emails on useful marketing tips.  We also run offline trainings and meet ups to help improve your marketing and business skills.

Is there a limit to how many products I can showcase?

No you can showcase unlimited products.

Am I allowed to list myself?

Yes. It is very easy to list your business. However, we will need to verify you to enable you are seen and trusted by your potential buyers.

What are the criteria for owning a listing page?

  • To have a listing page you must be an Indigenous (made in Africa) and handmade brand who is one way or the other contributing to the growth of the economy.
  • Listing page owners must ensure all products are of good quality, quality imagery is really important to Bellafricana and is a key sales driver.
  • Listing page owners must maintain a feedback rating of 90%+ and provide excellent customer service at all times. Failure to do so could result in your shop being removed from Bellafricana.

How do I set up a listing page?

Follow each of the steps in order to set up your page. You can go back and edit your listing at any time, after opening it.

  • Start by selecting get started now: Click “How It Works” or “Get Verified and Listed
  • Add listing: Once you have selected get started now, click button to add a listing.
  • Choose a title/page name: Ensure you pick a name that is associated to your brand, preferably your brand/company name. Once you open a listing, your listing name will be kept for you alone. If it says your name is already in use, kindly pick another name. Listing name can contain letters and numbers.
  • Add a location: e.g Ikoyi Lagos, Maitama Abuja etc
  • Select listing region: e.g Lagos, Abuja
  • Add a contact email address
  • Select a listing category: We presently have 3; arts and crafts, fashion, home and living. Should incase you don’t find one which best suits your brand, kindly send us an email at [email protected]. However select one and we will consider introducing a new category as the list increases.
  • Choose a cover image: This is the banner of your page, so ensure you choose an image that best showcases your brand.
  • Upload your gallery pictures: Ensure these pictures are clear and of good quality.
  • Write a short description about your page: This will help your shoppers to get to know the shop better.
  • Add your website link: This will drive quality traffic to your website and help your buyers read more about you and trust you more.
  • Add your contact number: This is to ensure your potential buyers reach you faster.
  • Add a video: If you have a video that best describes your brand better or you as the founder, ensure you add it to your page. You can add a you tube or vimeo link or any link compatible with bellafricana.

Once you are done, you can preview and submit listings. As soon as you are approved and checked, your listing will be live. Afterwards, you can edit your profile and social media profiles.

  • Set featured image: You can add the company logo. The featured image will appear as the main picture of the shop.

What are the listing page features?

  • Each page has a unique listing which is fully editable and allows you to build your own branded area within Bellafricana.
  • Each page can have as many pictures which creates a great chance to showcase all aspects of the item.
  • Sellers can link their listing page to their website and social channels in order to market themselves to their network.
  • Sellers can also contribute to the blog, which is great for engaging and inspiring customers while telling them more about their collection.

Can I list without being verified?

YES! However, we will do our due-diligence before you become visible to potential buyers.

We are very particular with our verification process before you get listed.

Being verified simply means you are a trusted brand. We pay good attention to the businesses that are listed on Bellafricana as our buyers are searching for good unique, durable and valuable products. We want our buyers to return and we are sure you also will.

How do I promote my page as a supplier?

At Bellafricana, we encourage all businesses to link to their social media profiles; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube accounts. This enables suppliers to promote to their network and also drive traffic to their page. Paste the url of your listing page on your social platforms to enable your customers refer to your page.

We also recommend following bellafricana on social media as soon as your page is live and tagging Bellarfricana in all posts.

Twitter @bellafricana

Facebook: @bellafricana

Instagram: @bell_africana

Can I sell here and on other marketplaces?

Definitely! To be a successful online business, you need to get your products out there. So, we don’t expect any sellers to limit themselves to only one outlet. The more visible your brand is, the more potential for you to get found.

Who are Bellafricana customers?

Our customers include both sellers and buyers on bellafricana, and they find, select and transact with each other on our platform. Buyers access our platform free of charge.

Buyers include consumers who come to shop for Indigenous things anytime anywhere both Locally and Internationally. Our buyers see us as a trust worthy source for good quality products and services of anything made in Nigeria (Africa).

Sellers use our platform to establish a presence on the Internet and market products and services to hundreds of millions of consumers and other businesses.

How does Bellafricana know when I contact a business?

That’s a very good question, there is a form on the website you must fill. Both the business owner and Bellafricana gets a copy of your message. However, you as a buyer can help our sellers know by simply telling them you found them via bellafricana.

You might also need to contact us to vet a supplier if you are looking at a huge deal of transaction. We know these suppliers more than you do.

As a business owner listed, you can encourage us by telling us whether you are getting contacted or not, so we can know how to optimize your marketing or help you further.

I am based abroad and looking to buy some unique Indigenous products?

Excellent! You have come to the right place. Go ahead and explore our platform, and come back to us on the suppliers you are looking to do business with. You are free to contact the supplier directly, however, we advise you contact us to confirm their verification.

All our listers go through a verification process before listing on Bellafricana.

We are here to help, email [email protected]

Have more questions?

We are here to help you. Email us via the contact form or directly to [email protected] and cc [email protected].

Selling Creative Indigenous products can be very daunting, let us help you.

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