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Bellafricana is a leading platform that empowers, supports and connects quality creative Indigenous businesses to their local and global consumers. We are constantly committed to creating value for our members to grow a sustainable business that can compete and trade globally.

Our Story

Bellafricana was founded in November 2013 in Lagos, Nigeria. Bellafricana founder Bukky Asehinde (née Bello) moved back to Nigeria after her studies in the United Kingdom in September 2012 and commenced her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC, a compulsory service for Nigerian graduates) which was where the main genesis of the company began. Bukky soon fell exceptionally in love with the creativity shown by Creative African Entrepreneurs and she wanted to make a difference.

You see, Bukky always had a great passion for creative things and so she decided to carve a niche for herself by promoting creative Indigenous businesses. She also noticed that there were so many Creative Entrepreneurs that didn’t understand the business of their creativity and so decided to create a platform that enables these entrepreneurs grow not only a sustainable business but one that can compete globally.

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Her vision for Bellafricana is to be the largest online platform for Indigenous products and services delivering around the world. Alongside this, she hopes to promote local artisans, creatives and talents.

Now, from here on, Bukky plans towards the direction of her vision. She sees a real need for this kind of community and has chosen to be the platform for quality Indigenous products and services. Starting with Nigeria, taking it one African Country at a time.

Bukky’s three key ingredients to achieving her goal are Passion, Synergy & Growth (God willing). Her favourite quote:

“If each one can reach one and if each one can teach one, what a much more beautiful Nation Nigeria will be…” Late Chaz B

Our Mission Is Simple: Make Finding Quality Indigenous Businesses Easier.

We noticed a vast increase in the number of unique products made in Nigeria (Africa) but noticed a huge gap between local creative Indigenous Entrepreneurs and consumers. Hence, we created this platform to bridge that gap. What better way than through online, which gives it a global opportunity.

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