Culturati serves as a focal point of enlightenment, education, information, entertainment as well as cultural progression of the near extinct cultural excellence that once thrived amongst the people of Africa which faces threats from global cultural imperialism factored by Western pedagogy and ideologies.

We will deliver eclectic mix of cultural festivities as a means to creating a conscious affinity in the hearts of the people toward our rich cultural heritage. Over the years, entertainment has proven to be a resourceful tool in motivating, inspiring and gleaning public attention, relatively we will adopt all possible measures to excite the young folk with brilliantly crafted engaging cultural fêtes.

As a brand dedicated to preserving African culture and its spectrum of traditions, Culturati seeks to endorse the reawakening of cultural evolution with keen focus on promoting Nigeria’s panoply of art works from diverse cultural backgrounds and interests while creating a vibrant market for our glittering array of art works.


Sustaining the relevance and existence of the African art and its invaluable traditions through engaging events is the core vision of CULTURATI.


  • To recognize the sterling works of art enthusiasts who have projected the African arts to the world.
  • To further educate, entertain and integrate diverse culture as a measure to foster intercultural relationships, spur community contributions; promote unity and mutual respect among the people.
  • To raise and nurture cultural ambassadors who will carry on the mantle of cultural advancement to promote cross-cultural awareness.
  • To project and celebrate the African art beyond the scope of African continent.


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