The Afropole’s Wax Print Festival is an event that provides an opportunity to showcase the creativity of African and Afrodiasporan businesses across the textile value chain in order to build those connections. The Wax Print Festival showcases all of the elements that The Afropole believes can Build Black Globally.

The Wax Print Festival will be a three-day, cashless event powered by over 30 partnerships meant to add range and texture to the authentic African and Afrodiasporan experience attendees will have.

This includes giveaways and other fun activities leading up to the event days. The festival will also feature the following:

  • Exhibitions divided into four bits dubbed, The Past, The Present, Intersections, and The Future.
  • Live demos on kente weaving, batiking and  bead making
  • The best food and other vendors across the region within the marketplace
  • Music concerts each night
  • Film
  • The Quick Stitch Station which will be a fashion design kiosk where attendees can have clothing made from a menu within the duration of the time spent on the grounds
  • Open Spaces described as good-natured conversations done in “un-panel style” about the African wax print industry.

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